After graduating from architecture school in May 2013, I moved to South Philadelphia to work for Abby Schwartz Associates, an all-woman firm, designing single family homes and small commercial spaces. My passion for design and architecture comes from my lifelong interest in making art, an appetite for adventure, and a desire to shape new buildings and spaces in which to live, work, eat, and play.

I consider architecture as a dialogue between people and place, history and future,  architect and client. My role as an architect is to tell these stories through the synthesis of form, function, and material. Like a good conversation, architecture should be a fusion of structure and spontaneity, logic and humor, action and reaction, balance and surprise that ultimately brings people together and becomes the impetus for a new conversation.

My ongoing series of Fresh off the Desk collages is an experiment in intuition and an imaginative exploration of visual storytelling through composition.  Collage allows for uninhibited, playful creativity and feeds my unwaning desire to create. If I am not collaging at my desk or finding excuses to use power tools, I can be found exploring the city on my bicycle, constantly searching for new ways to engage, collaborate, and collage in Philadelphia.

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